Pro Wrestler Riki Choshu Gets Youthful in Ganbare! Choshu-kun Anime

Short form comedy aimed at kids will broadcast on Nippon Television's "Sukkiri" TV program

Choshu-kun walks to school with a happy expression on his face in a scene from the upcoming Ganbare! Choshu-kun TV anime.


Retired pro-wrestler Riki Choshu is experiencing a second childhood in Ganbare! Choshu-kun ("Do Your Best! Lil Choshu"), an upcoming short form TV anime aimed at children that will broadcast beginning in August as part of Nippon Television's Sukkiri morning infotainment TV program. The main staff the series has been revealed, including:


  • Production: ODDJOB Inc.
  • Production copyright: Ganbare! Choshu-kun Production Committee
  • Director: Yuta Koizumi
  • Character design: SHASHAMIN


A promotional photo of retired pro wrestler Riki Choshu. Choshu smiles warmly and stands with his arms crossed while wearing a white T-shirt.

Pictured above: Riki Choshu


The cast of Ganbare! Choshu-kun includes:


  • Riki Choshu as Choshu-kun.
  • Tomohiro Sekimachi (RICE) as Izumi-kun.
  • Kôji Katô as Kato-kun.
  • Erina Iwata as Iwata-san.
  • And Keisuke Mori as Mori-kun.


Set in a certain elementary school in a certain place in Japan, Ganbare! Choshu-kun follows the everyday adventures of Choshu-kun, a cute but somewhat naughty elementary school student, and his friends and classmates. The series will broadcast around the 10:15 time slot as part of Nippon Television's Sukkiri TV program beginning on August 01, 2022.


Source: Comic Natalie


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