Check out Adorable New Stills from the Delicious Party Pretty Cure Film

See Kome-Kome and her fairy friends chowing down with Cait Sith-san

from Delicious Party Pretty Cure: Yumemiru Okosama Lunch!


Yui Nagomi, the cheerful star of this year's Delicious Party Pretty Cure, never fails to remind us that "Food brings smiles." That's especially true in the latest round of stills from the magical girl franchise's upcoming feature film!


Yui's mascot side-kick, the adorable Kome-Kome, stars in this round of screenshots, and features above with fellow magical creatures Pam-Pam and Mem-Mem:


Kome-Kome sad

Kome-Kome surprised

Kome-Kome OM NOM NOM



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Delicious Party Pretty Cure the Movie: Yumemiru Okosama Lunch! will be the 31st film in the long-running franchise, and feature a guest appearance from Natsuki Hanae (Tanjiro in Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba) as the mysterious Cait Sith.




Hello everyone! I'm Yui Nagomi! I'm a second grader in junior high school who loves to eat! In Oishiina Town where we live, Dreamia, a theme park for Okosama Lunchch, has suddenly appeared! It's all-you-can-play, all-you-can-eat! Wow! I'm so hungry! Let's all try it! There are many attractions makes me "Delicious Smile!" It seems that Kome-Kome and her friends were treated to Okosama Lunch by the headmaster, Cait Sith-san. Everyone was having fun playing together, but... What? Oh my God, Mari-chan has turned into a stuffed animal! Is there a secret to Dreamia...? Just like Okosama Lunch, if we gather our thoughts together, Kome-Kome will make a miracle!?


Delicious Party Pretty Cure movie poster


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Delicious Party Pretty Cure the Movie: Yumemiru Okosama Lunch! premieres in Japan on September 23.


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