Four Traditional Teas Celebrate the New Touken Ranbu Film Trilogy

Enjoy sencha, hojicha, and more inspired by Toku Touken Ranbu: Hanamaru ~Setsugetsuka~

Touken Ranbu inspired teas


Sometimes sword boys need a tea break, too! Traditional Japanese tea maker Senchado definitely knows this, as they're embarking on another collaboration with the Touken Ranbu franchise. This time, they've created four blends reminiscent of the stars of this summer's Toku Touken Ranbu: Hanamaru ~Setsugetsuka~, the series's new film trilogy.


Touken Ranbu tea


Each blend arrives in a tin decorated to be reminiscent of the character who inspired it, and is blended from rare tea varieties acquired from across Japan.


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Starring in this latest line of brewable beverages, we have:


Yamatonokami Yasusada - Kinmokusei Sencha


Kinmokusei Sencha, inspired by Yamatonokami Yasusada: a traditional steamed green tea blended with tiny, sweet-smelling kinmokusei flowers.


Kaga Bou-houji-cha


Kaga Bou-houji-cha, inspired by Kashuu Kiyomitsu: a rare, high-quality tea made by roasting tamaryokucha stems.


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Strawberry Yame-cha


Strawberry yame-cha, inspired by Heshikiri Hasebe: a sencha made with tea leaves from Yame in Fukuoka Prefecture, combined with dried strawberries.


Sencha with matcha


Sencha with matcha, inspired by Uguisumaru: a bright green blend of two traditional types of green tea.


Pre-orders will open on August 20, and will run until September 20, with orders shipping out starting in mid-October. The Kinmokusei Sencha will sell for 2,484 yen per 30g tin of looseleaf tea, with the others selling for 2,268 yen per tin.


The first two installments of Toku Touken Ranbu: Hanamaru ~Setsugetsuka~ premiered earlier this summer. The third, subtitled Hana no Maki, will run for a three-week limited engagement starting September 1.


Source: Comic Natalie


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