Voice Actors To Hold Live Readings Of The Tale of the Heike and Inu-Oh At Kyoto Temple On October 30

Kensho Ono & Yoshimasa Hosoya to hold morning and evening readings

Inu-Oh image via GKIDS


In the wake of the release of the Inu-Oh animated feature film adaptation and The Tales Of The Heike TV anime in the past year, a new event has been announced involving voice actors Kensho Ono and Yoshimasa Hosoya collaborating to hold live readings of The Tale of the Heike and The Tale of the Heike: Inu-oh by author Hideo Furukawa as a one-off single-day event in the Ko-no-ma (Abbot's Hall) on the grounds of the Nishi Hongan-ji temple in Kyoto, Japan.


Interior of Ko-no-ma on the grounds of Nishi Hongan-ji temple



(L) Kensho Ono and Yoshimasa Hosoya (R)


The event will be held on October 30 with tickets going on sale later this week for members of the respective voice actor's fan clubs, with ticket sales to the general public beginning on September 17. Following each of the planned readings in the daytime and evening sessions, Ono and Hosoya will also hold discussions on the respective works. The event's focus is to bring classical literature to the masses in a setting that reflects the original era when the stories would have been written.


SOURCE: Comic Natalie


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