mayla classic Collabs with Evangelion for Plug Suit Inspired Earrings

Five pairs of "Iconique Ear Objet" are modelled by Ten Yoshii on the fashion brand's website

Evangelion x mayla classic Iconique Ear Objet


Fashion brand mayla classic specializes in gorgeous, ornate accessories, often inspired by your favorite anime series and characters. Their latest offering comes straight from the Rebuild of Evangelion films, and reimagines the series's iconic plug suits as artistic earrings.


These "Iconique Ear Objet" each have a unique design, and bear the numbers and colors of their respective character:


Evangelion earrings - closeup


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Check out these gorgeous earrlings inspired by Shinji, Asuka, Rei, Kaworu, and Mari:


Evangelion x mayla classic earrings - Shinji

Evangelion x mayla classic earrings - Asuka

Evangelion x mayla classic earrings - Rei

Evangelion x mayla classic earrings - Kaworu

Evangelion x mayla classic earrings - Mari


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The Iconique Ear Objet are currently available for pre-order for 21,780 yen per pair, and come in both pierced and clip-on versions. Each arrives in a display case, so you can show them off when you're not wearing them.


Evangelion x mayla classic - display


If you like the looks of these, check out mayla classic's full Evangelion collection, which includes equally ornate shoes. Or, browse a gallery of stylish photos, featuring model Ten Yoshii sporting Eva-inspired fits to go with the earrings.


Ten Yoshii wears mayla classic accessories


Pre-orders for the earrings will close on October 11.


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Source: Comic Natalie




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