Yatterman, Speed Racer, and More Classic Anime Stars Appear on Collab Canned Coffee

Limited-edition Pokka Coffee cans have inspirational messages for fellow 50-year-olds

Tatsunoko Pro x Pokka Coffee — Doronjo version


Pokka Coffee, a classic canned coffee brand from Pokka Sapporo, turns 50 this year. Meanwhile, classic anime studio Tatsunoko Pro celebrates their 60th. The two long-running brands have joined forces for the occasion, resulting in commemorative canned coffees... with a half-century twist.


For a limited time, fans will be able to grab four varieties of Pokka Coffee—Original, Light Sugar, Café Au Lait, and Black—emblazoned with one of 28 Tatsunoko Pro characters. Old favorites from Speed RacerGatchamanCasshernFuture Police UrashimanGenesis Climber MOSPEADA, the Time Bokan series, and more will be available. If you've ever wanted to throw back a brew with a picture of a giant lighter-shaped robot on it, now's your chance:


Tatsunoko Pro x Pokka Coffee full roster


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But wait... 28 characters and 32 cans? That's becaus four of the variants will feature brand new art of four Tatsunoko stars living their best lives at the age of 50. Revealed so far are Doronjo (as seen at the top of the article) and Gan-chan, a.k.a. Yatterman No. 1 from Yatterman:


Tatsunoko Pro x Pokka Coffee - Gan-chan variant


These cans also feature a special message of support for fans in their 50s, reminding them to keep being awesome. We'll find out later who will be aged up on the other two cans... personally, we're rooting for a veteran Speed Racer and an even more imposing Condor Joe.


If you dig this art, good news: there will be limited-edition tie-in goods, too! The offical collab site teases that fans will have a chance to win T-shirts with the new collab art, as well as digital gift cards.


The cans go on sale in Japan starting September 5.


© Tatsunoko Pro


Source: Anime! Anime!




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