Saga of Tanya the Evil Studio NUT Opens Official Twitter Account

Studio was founded in 2017

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The wall between the inner workings of anime studios and fans is more transparent than ever before, which has been made even more so by studio NUT, best known for their work on Saga of Tanya the Evil and DECA-DENCE, having entered the fray of social media to connect directly with fans through a new official Twitter account.



The studio says to look forward to information and charm of their anime productions from the account going forward.



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Founded in 2017 by ex-MADHOUSE producer Takuya Tsunoki, NUT is currently producing a second season of Saga of Tanya the Evil and an anime film adaptation of BLUE GIANT directed by Yuzuru Tachikawa (Mob Psycho 100), who helmed original series DECA-DENCE at the studio.


Source: NUT on Twitter



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