Add Princess Style to Your Wardrobe with Sailor Moon Eternal Necklaces

BanColle! will be selling the reproduction necklaces from the films for a limited time

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Sailor Princess and Legendary Grail Pendants


Naoko Takeuchi has always been fashion-forward, especially in the much-beloved Sailor Moon manga. So we're always excited to see her designs come to life as real-world, wearable goods. For example, these sparkling princess pendants from BanColle!, inspired by the girls' outfits in the Sailor Moon Eternal films.


There are ten teardrop-shaped pendants: one each for Neo-Queen Serenity, Small Lady, and the eight Princesses of Crystal Tokyo:


Neo-Queen Serenity and Small Lady

Princess Mercury and Princess Mars

Princess Jupiter and Princess Venus

Princess Uranus and Princess Neptune

Princess Pluto and Princess Saturn


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There's also a pendant inspired by the Holy Grail:


Holy Grail pendant

Holy Grail pendant in box


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The pendants are 5,500 yen each including tax, and are now available for pre-order on the BanColle! website. Pre-orders close on September 28, and the jewelry pieces will be delivered starting in December.


© Naoko Takeuchi, PNP/"Sailor Moon Eternal" Movie Production Committee


Source: Comic Natalie


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