Obakezukan! TV Anime Gets Spooky in October of 2022

Adaptation based on children's book series will broadcast on TV Tokyo's "OHASTA" program

A banner image created from the key visual for the upcoming Obakezukan! TV anime featuring the main characters - Hiroshi and his cat hat Miinyan - reacting to their haunted surroundings on the main street of a ghostly town.


Things are going to take a turn for the spooky on TV Tokyo in October, because a new children's anime entitled Obakezukan! ("Ghost Field Guide") will be broadcast as part of the "OHASTA" television program. The main staff has been revealed for the series, including:


  • Original work: The Obakezukan series, written by Hiroshi Saitou, illustrated by Etsuyoshi Miyamoto, and published in Japan by Kodansha.
  • Director: Naomi Iwata
  • Screenplay: Shigenori Tanabe
  • Producer: EGG FIRM
  • Animation production: Fanworks


Additionally, Obakezukan! features the talents of voice actor Daiki Yamashita as Hiroshi, a human boy, and voice actor Rie Kugimiya as Miinyan, a ghostly cat. The theme song for the series, entitled "Obake Bakebake Bakegaccha!", is performed by BMK.


A colorful key visual for the upcoming Obakezukan! TV anime featuring the main characters reacting to a spooky town filled with friendly ghost fires and tsukumogami.


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Set in the haunted town of Obake-cho, Obakezukan! follows the misadventures of Hiroshi, an ordinary human boy, and Miinyan, a ghostly cat who takes the form of a hat. In order for Miinyan to become a fully-fledged "cat in mouse's clothing", she needs to complete a ghostly field guide, and so Hiroshi helps her to study the spooky streets of Obake-cho.


Obakezukan! will broadcast in Japan on TV Tokyo as part of the "OHASTA" TV program on Wednesdays beginning on October 05, 2022.


Source: Comic Natalie


Copyright notice: © Hiroshi Saito・Etsuyoshi Miyamoto・Kodansha / "Obakezukan!" Production Committee


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