Two Shugo Chara! Watches Let You Know When it's Magical Girl Time

"Shugo Chara!" and "Amu Hinamori" models are both now available for pre-order

Shugo Chara watch


Technically it's always magical girl time... but these new Shugo Chara! watches will let you keep an eye on your schedule in classic mahou shoujo style.


Two new analog wristwatches are now available for pre-order from A3, based on PEACH-PIT's 2005 manga and its anime adaptation. The "Shugo Chara!" model features imagery of the Humpty Lock, Dumpty Key, and Heart's Egg and X Egg motifs:


"Shugo Chara!" model watch

"Shugo Chara!" model watch

"Shugo Chara!" model watch


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The "Amu Hinamori" model has her iconic plaid as the central motif, with her Shugo Charas' symbols and colors around the watch face:


"Amu Hinamori" model

"Amu Hinamori" model

"Amu Hinamori" model


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Both watches feature the series's logo engraved on the back and arrive in a collector's box:


Shugo Chara! watch in box


The watches are on sale now for 23,100 yen each (tax included). Orders close on September 30, and will start shipping out in March 2023.


© PEACH-PIT/Kodansha


Source: Comic Natalie


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