To Every You / To Me Anime Films Release Special Insert Song PVs

The two films will be released simultaneously on October 7



The upcoming two anime films, To Every You I’ve Loved Before and To Me, The One Who Loved You, both of which are based on Yomoji Otono's sci-fi romance novels, have released special PVs to introduce their insert songs for the first time. 


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In addition to the theme song "Kumo wo Kou," singer-songwriter Keina Suda also sings "Rakka Ryusui" (Mutual Love), the insert song for To Every You I’ve Loved Before. He says, "As the four-character idiom in the song title suggests, it expresses the way they are drawn to each other. In the film, the song is used in a nice scene where the density of the relationship increases. I would be happy if you could enjoy the song in any way you like." It was also confirmed that he also made a brief guest voice appearance in the film.



"Rakka Ryusui" special PV:



Keina Suda:




Meanwhile, in addition to the theme song "Shion," three-member Japanese rock band Saucy Dog also provides "Summer Day Dream," the insert song for To Me, The One Who Loved You. The band's vocalist/guitarist Shinya Ishihara says, "I wrote this song with a sense of speed and summer in mind. I think this song is also connected to the theme song. Please listen to it at the theater while remembering that summer." Like Keina Suda, Ishihara  made a guest voice appearance in the film.



"Summer Day Dream" special PV:



Saucy Dog:




The two films are set to be released in Japan simultaneously on October 7, 2022.


Main poster visual:


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Source: Toei Eiga Channel 1, 2


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