Evangelion's Male Cast Gets a SHOCKER Makeover for Shin Kamen Rider Tie-in

Merch available in Shocker App and select shops in Japan


With Hideaki Anno directing, writing and producing the Shin Kamen Rider movie slated for release in March 2023, the development also opened up the possibility of the Evangelion franchise crossing over with the storied tokusatsu fanchise, and the results of the collaboration are even cooler than expected, as the male adult cast gets a SHOCKER makeover, with Ikari Gendo, Kōzō Fuyutsuki, Ryoji Kaiji and even Kaworu Nagisa getting in on the fun as henchmen for the organization.


Special merchandise will be sold for two days starting today and into November 1 including apparel, coffee mugs, keychains, masks and posters of the character crossover through the SHOCKER app and select EVA STORE locations throughout Japan. A sampling of the merch is embedded below:



SOURCES: Comic Natalie, Shin Kamen Rider On Twitter


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