French Streamer SuperZouloux Brings Yu-Gi-Oh! Duels to Life With AR Play Mat

Device uses hardware and software to display 3DCG models of some 3600 cards in real-time

A screen capture of French streamer SuperZouloux demonstrating his augmented reality Yu-Gi-Oh! play mat, which displays a 3DCG model of a Blue Eyes White Dragon that he summons.


It's time to d-d-duel! French Yu-Gi-Oh! streamer SuperZouloux has created an amazing fan project: an augmented reality play mat that—through a combination of software and hardware—allows him to display 3DCG models of some 3600 cards from the Yu-Gi-Oh! tabletop collectable trading card game on his streams in real time.



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In the video above (in French with English subtitles), SuperZouloux explains how he and his collaborators spent some seven months on the project, which included creating and animating 3D models in the Unreal Engine software, 3D-printing and laser-cutting the physical mat, and developing a suite of software apps that allow him to edit his streams (both automatically and manually) and switch between camera angles that display the cards and their effects.


You can also check out his Youtube and Twitch streams for more Yu-Gi-Oh! trading card game action.


Source: Otakomu


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