To Your Eternity Season 2 English Dub Reveals Cast & Crew, Release Date

First episode goes live on Sunday!

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Are you ready for the next leg of Fushi's life-altering journey? The continuation of the To Your Eternity English dub is just around the corner with the premiere of Season 2, which is set to go live on Crunchyroll on Sunday, November 6!


Here's the cast and crew coming along for the emotional ride in Episode 1:





  • ADR Production: Studiopolis
  • ADR Director: Kirstie Simone
  • Lead ADR Engineer: David Barr
  • Executive Producer: Jamie Simone
  • Producer: Rita Majkut
  • ADR Script Writer: Jeff Nimoy
  • Post Production Supervisor: James Lafferty
  • Re-recording Mixer: Calvin Pfeffer
  • Video Editor: Sean Kelley
  • Production Manager: Kirstie Simone


Key Visual

To Your Eternity Season 2 anime key visual


Official Trailer



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Based on the critically-acclaimed manga by Yoshitoki Oima, To Your Eternity Season 2 is directed by Kiyoko Sayama at studio Drive, with series composition by Shinzo Fujita, character designs by Koji Yabuno and music by Ryo Kawasaki.


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In the beginning, an "orb" is cast unto Earth. "It" can do two things: change into the form of the thing that stimulates "it"; and come back to life after death. "It" morphs from orb to rock, then to wolf, and finally to boy, but roams about like a newborn who knows nothing. As a boy, "it" becomes Fushi.


Through encounters with human kindness, Fushi not only gains survival skills, but grows as a "person". But his journey is darkened by the inexplicable and destructive enemy Nokker, as well as cruel partings with the people he loves.



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