Machico Posts Delicious Party Pretty Cure Opening Theme MV Filmed in Her Hometown

She introduces her hometown's landmarks, local foods, and her dog



To promote anisong singer Machico's Precure theme song best album "Machico♡Precure no Uta!" to be released on December 21, Marvelous has posted a special clip that includes her message and a full-length music video for "Cheers! Delicious Party♡Pretty Cure," the opening theme song for the ongoing 19th TV series Delicious Party Pretty Cure.


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She says, "When they told me that a best album was going to be released, I frankly thought, 'Is that OK?' There will be 14 songs on the album, and I was once again very grateful that I had sung so many Precure songs."   


The music video for "Cheers! Delicious Party♡Pretty Cure," was filmed in her hometown, Kure City, Hiroshima Prefecture. She performs at many of the city's landmarks, while also eating a lot of delicious local food such as  Melon Bread, Kure-yaki (Okonomiyaki), and Navy Curry, because the anime's theme is "Gohan" (food). And the dog she is holding is her dog, Moko.







"Delicious Party Pretty Cure" opening movie:



CD+DVD edition jacket:







"Machico♡Precure no Uta!" song list:


 1. "Watashi-iro" (lyrics by Machico)

 2. "Cheers! Delicious Party♡PreCure" (Delicious Party Pretty Cure OP)

 3. "Viva! Spark! Tropical-Rouge! Precure" (Tropical-Rouge! Precure OP)

 4. "LOVE FOR ALL" (Healin' Good Precure image song)

 5. "CLAP! Yuuki wo Narase~ Remix for Machico" (Tropical-Rouge! Precure image song)

 6. "IGNITION" as Ayane Misaki (Kirakira Precure a la Mode insert song)

 7. "Soul Believer" as Ayane Misaki (Kirakira Precure a la Mode insert song)

 8. "Share-shite! Precure MachicoVer." (Healin' Good Precure image song originally sung by Mayumi Gojo)

 9. "Nichiyoubi no Tomodachi"

 10. "Daisuki no Snowball" (Tropical-Rouge! Precure the Movie: The Snow Princess and the Miraculous Ring! insert song)

 11. "Miracle-tto♥Link Ring!" (Healin' Good Precure ED)

 12. "Wakaba no Koro" (Precure Miracle Leap: A Strange Day with Everyone image song)

 13. "POPPING NOW" (lyrics by Machico)

 14. "Yakusoku ~Original Remix Version~" (Healin' Good Pretty Cure the Movie: GoGo! Big Transformation! The Town of Dreams ED)



All-song preview:



Artist edition CD jacket:



Regular edition:




Source: Marvelous official YouTube channel


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