Rettou Tajima's Award-winning Manga Water Flows Toward The Sea Gets Live-action Film in June 2023

The author: "You can fully enjoy the beauty of Suzu Hirose in this film!"



A live-action film adaptation of Rettou Tajima's award-winning manga Mizu wa Umi ni Mukatte Nagareru / Water Flows Toward The Sea is set to be released in Japan in June 2023.


Tetsu Maeda (And, the Baton Was Passed) serves as director on a screenplay by Satomi Oshima (Raven of the Inner Palace). Suzu Hirose (Chihayafuru) stars as Chisa Sakaki, a 26-year-old, somewhat cold, not smiling, office worker. 



Teaser trailer:



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The original manga was serialized in Kodansha's Bessatu Shonen Magazine from 2018 to 2020, then compiled in three tankobon volumes. With this work and a short story collection book Goaisatsu, she won the New Creator Prize of the 24th Tezuka Osamu Cultural Prize in 2020.


The film's official website describes its story as below:



Naotatsu is staying at his uncle's house to commute to high school. However, on the pouring rainy day, he is they are picked up at the nearest station by a grim-faced adult stranger, Sakaki-san. The house he was taken to was a strange share house where Sakaki and the other residents were all eccentric. While living together, Naotatsu begins to have a faint crush on Sakaki-san, who spends her days in an indifferent manner. However, there is an unexpected fate between himself and Sakaki-san, who declares that she is "not interested in romance." --An unexpected encounter on a rainy day moistens their dry hearts. 



Meesage from the manga author Rettou Tajima:


My work will be made into a film, and when I heard that they were offering the lead role to Suzu Hirose-san, who is younger than Sakaki-san, I thought that I could entrust her with the film without any worries because she is a terrific actress, who has been loved by films. As a Japanese film fan, I honestly wanted to see the film. The finished film was...cute! You can fully enjoy the tone of colors, the cats, the boys and girls, the cuteness of middle-aged men (including Naotatsu's father), and the beauty of Suzu Hirose in this film! What impressed me was the last scene, which I didn't understand when I read the script. I was surprised at the emotional feeling that only visual images can create when combined with music, which can't be expressed in manga. 





Manga tankobon 1st volume cover:



Source: "Water Flows Toward The Sea" live-action film official website / Twitter 


©2023 Movie "Mizu wa Umi ni Mukatte Nagareru" Production Committee ©Rettou Tajima/KODANSHA


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