Crunchyroll Reveals Hime’s Quest Game Boy Color Adventure Game

Cartridge and digital release planned for Hime’s first adventure!

Hime's Quest


Hime’s coming at you with a blast from the past in the upcoming Game Boy Color (you read that right) game, Hime’s Quest! 23 years after its “scheduled” release, Crunchyroll mascot Crunchyroll-Hime will go on an 8-bit journey in the action-adventure game to save the world’s electronics from Y2K!



The physical Game Boy Color edition of Hime’s Quest is now available exclusively via pre-order on the Crunchyroll Store and Limited Run Games, and will be available free-to-play and download on browsers later this year.



The following is the back-of-the-box description of the game as you might have seen it circa 1999:


Take control as Crunchyroll-Hime to save the anime club from Y2K in her first-ever video game: Hime’s Quest. Set in 1999,  something electric is in the air. A malevolent force has crept into New Crunchy City, wreaking havoc on its technology, and tragically destroying the Anime Club’s precious DVD/VCR combo player. Can you root out the dastardly cretin brazen enough to ruin their meeting?


  • Adventure through haunted forests, mirage-filled deserts and more in Crunchyroll-Hime’s largest quest yet. 


  • Hack and slash your way through dungeons and face-off against totally buggin fiends in league with Y2K. 


  • Kick-back with Crunchyroll-Hime’s friends in the anime club or pay a visit to spooky manga creator Junji Ito who is currently OBSESSED with spirals. 


  • Some games let you pet the dog, this one lets you *try* to pet the cat. Can you succeed and give Crunchyroll-Hime’s best friend Yuzu a pat on the head?  


  • PLAY IT LOUD! with a chiptune soundtrack by future (time paradox averted) award-winning 8-bit composer and musician Protodome.




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