Owl City Pens and Performs Theme for Mobile Game Neural Cloud

The Girls' Frontline spinoff and its new music video come out this Monday

Owl City in Project Neural Cloud


Owl City collaborating with Girls' Frontline? These really are beautiful times.


Adam Young, the man behind the musical project, announced today on his official Twitter account that he has written the theme for the global release of mobile game Neural Cloud. Don't just take our word for it, though—listen to what the man said:




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The tweet also gives us an early birdie look at what could lie ahead in the music video—with art of Mr. City onstage in the year 2058 with cyber idol Nanaka, a character from the game. If this is the future, we're here for it.


Neural Cloud is a roguelike mobile game first released in China last year. That's just the tip of the iceberg, though. The game is a spinoff of Girls' Frontline, featuring some characters from the previous games. Your character, posing as "The Professor," will leave the real world behind to enter the digital world of Magrasea. You'll have to be brave as you lead a group of "Exiled" Dolls to save them from deletion... and maybe get yourself back home.


If you're hyped for the new game, and for the Owl City music video, you're not alone. Fortunately, both will be going live Monday! Pre-registrations are now open, so you can jump right in and have a good time as soon as servers open on November 21.


Source: Owl City on Twitter


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