Hikari no Ou Anime Reveals Maaya Sakamoto Ending Theme

Series kicks off its broadcast in Japan on January 14

Hikari no Ou


The Hikari no Ou anime—which is being written by Mamoru Oshii and directed by Junji Nishimura, based on the novels written by Rieko Hinata and illustrated by Akihiro Yamada—was recently given a January 14 start date. Now we know who will be closing the episodes out, too, because Maaya Sakamoto has been revealed as the ending theme song performer.


Sakamoto—who also voices the character Akira—will provide the ED song "Mada toku ni iru." The music video dropped along with the announcement.



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The Hikari no Ou TV anime is scheduled to start its broadcast in Japan on the WOWOW premium satellite network on January 14 at 10:30 PM. Junji Nishimura directs the series as penned by Mamoru Oshii with music from Kenji Kawai. The story of the series is as such:


The world after the last war of humanity. The earth is covered with black forest, and the people have been infected with a human pyrogenic pathogen that causes their bodies to burn when they approach a natural fire. The fire in this world is gathered by hunting black beasts that live in the forest, the Fire Demons. Recently, there has been a rumor whispered among the fire hunters who hunt the Fire Demons. "The fire hunter who hunted the thousand-year comet "Shimmering Fire," an artificial star wandering in the empty sky, will be called the King of Fire Hunters." The protagonists of the story are Touko, a girl who grew up in a village, and Koushi, a former student in the capital city. Their encounter, which was never supposed to happen, changes the fate of the world.


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