Weekly Shonen Jump Sports Manga Blue Box Teams Up Calpis Water for a Refreshing Collab

A cute visual of Chinatsu was released in this week’s Jump

Blue Box x Calpis Water

Image via the official Blue Box Twitter account


Nothing makes people more thirsty than playing some sports with some will-they won’t-they romantic comedy fun. That’s why things in the Inomata’s the two teens must be parched beyond belief. 


To quench their thirst, Koji Miura’s Blue Box manga has teamed up with Calpis Water to promote the drink. A special trailer was released featuring panels from the Weekly Shonen Jump manga as well as an illustration of Chinatsu that was featured as the center color page of this week’s edition of the magazine.


Blue Box x Calpis Water








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Blue Box has been running in Weekly Shonen Jump since it debuted on April 12, 2021. The series also runs simultaneously in English on Manga Plus and Viz Media’s Shonen Jump app with Viz releasing the physical versions of Koji Miura’s series. Viz describes the first volume as such:


Taiki admires Chinatsu from afar, but he doubts that she sees him in the same way. Yet somehow, he musters up the courage to tell her to never give up on her dreams! After such a bold declaration, will Taiki’s fleeting high school romance finally begin?


Source: Calpis Water on Twitter


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