Detective Conan 26th Feature Film Unveils Its Title, Teaser Visual and Release Date

The tagline: "Don't die, Haibara--."



The official website for the Detective Conan anime feature film series unveiled the title, teaser visual, and release date of its forthcoming 26th feature film today. The official title of the film is Detective Conan: Kurogane no Submarine (literally means Black Iron Submarine) and its theatrical release date in Japan is April 14, 2023.


The site writes, "A key point in this film is the relationship between Conan, Ai Haibara, and the Black Organization, with whom they have a history." The tagline on the teaser visual newly drawn by the Detective Conan manga's original author Gosho Aoyama is "Don't die, Haibara--." And Shuichi Akai and Toru Amuro (Bourbon) are confirmed to appear together in the film series for the first time since the 20th film The Darkest Nightmare in 2016.



Teaser visual:





Teaser trailer:


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Sources: "Detective Conan" anime film official website / Twitter


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