Go Nagai and More Join Mazinger Z 50th Anniversary Live Stream

Special YouTube stream celebrates the debut of the influential giant robot anime

Go Nagai


This weekend marks the 50th anniversary of the debut of Mazinger ZGo Nagai's giant robot series that changed the course of mecha anime forever. A special livestream will celebrate the occasion... and it's only appropriate that the man himself makes an appearance!


Nagai has been confirmed to be making an appearance on the upcoming stream, as one of several personalities giving pre-recorded interviews. Video statements will be coming in from many more relevant figures in the history of Mazinger Z, including legendary mecha designer Kazutaka Miyatake, toy designer and illustrator Tsuyoshi Nonaka and animator Kazuhiro Ochi. Also appearing will be voice actor Tomokazu Seki (whose theatrical company is currently making a Mazinger Z stage play), Mobile Suit Crossbone Gundam writer and artist Yūichi HasegawaMobile Suit Gundam Seed director Mitsuo Fukuda, and anime screenwriter Ichiro Okouchi.


Previously-announced in-studio guests include voice actor Tetsu InadaSuper Robot Wars producer Takanobu Terada, and singer Ichiro Mizuki, who will be performing live. Animation researcher Koji Igarashi and voice actress Mariko Honda will host the event.



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Also as previously announced, the live stream will kick off a weekly airing of HD restored Mazinger Z episodes.


The Mazinger Z 50th anniversary stream goes live on December 3 at 7pm JST—the same date and time the first episode aired back in 1972. It, and subsequent episodes, will be streamed from the Toei Animation Museum YouTube Channel. The stream may not be available in all regions.


Source: Comic Natalie


Watch Mazinger Edition Z on Crunchyroll!




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