Persona Dancing Game Soundtracks Get Vinyl Release From iam8bit

Releases to be available individually and in deluxe boxset


Video game-focused vinyl producer and distributor iam8bit has announced plans to release the three soundtracks featured in the Persona Dancing spinoff games within the Persona franchise.


The soundtracks will receive a deluxe boxset as well as individual releases, with pre-orders going live on iam8bit’s site starting on Thursday, December 8 at 9AM PST for the individual soundtracks at $42.99 each, and the Deluxe Boxset with an exclusive slipcase for $139.99. The soundtracks are slated to begin shipping in the third quarter of 2023.


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Persona Dancing Vinyl Soundtracks From iam8bit


  • Persona 3: Dancing in Moonlight 2xLP: Two Moonlight Splatter Blue vinyl records housed in a shining sapphire, metallic gatefold jacket. Features fan-favorite remixes of the Atlus Sound Team’s Persona 3: Dancing in the Moonlight tracks.
  • Persona 4: Dancing All Night 2xLPTwo LPs on Stage Light Splatter Yellow vinyl and packaged in a peachy-golden metallic foil gatefold jacket. Features Persona 4: Dancing All Night’s most popular music by the Atlus Sound Team.
  • Persona 5: Dancing in Starlight 2xLPA two-disc soundtrack on Starlight Splatter Red vinyl, packaged in a gatefold jacket with swirling rich red, pink, and purple metallic foil artwork. Features Persona 5: Dancing in Starlight’s most popular tracks by Atlus Sound Team
  • Persona Dancing Vinyl Soundtrack Bundle will include the soundtracks from Persona 3: Dancing in the MoonlightPersona 4: Dancing All Night, and Persona 5: Dancing in the Starlight


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