Farming Life in Another World TV Anime Trailer Showcases Additional Cast, OP, ED Songs

Upcoming anime adaptation of the light novel series airs Jaunary 8

Flora prepares to dig into a full-course meal in a scene from the upcoming Farming Life in Another World TV anime.


An enchanting new preview video, additional cast members and the opening and ending theme song performers were all revealed today for Farming Life in Another World (known in Japan as Isekai Nonbiri Nouka), an upcoming TV anime based on the series of isekai fantasy light novels written by Kinosuke Naito and illustrated by Yasumo.



The opening theme titled "Flower Ring" is performed by series character Ru (voiced by Shino Shimoji) and Tia (voiced by Aya Suzaki). The ending theme, entitled "Feel the winds" is performed by VTuber Yui Hizuki. The new cast members include:


An voiced by Yukiyo Fujii


A character setting of An from the upcoming Farming Life in Another World TV anime. An is a demon woman with a tiny horn protruding from her forehead. She has long, dark haird and blue eyes, and she wears an elaborate and frilly maid uniform.


Flora voiced by Miyu Tomita


A character setting of Flora from the upcoming Farming Life in Another World TV anime. Flora is a petite vampire woman with pale silver hair, pointed ears, and silver eyes. She wears a simple white dress, a dark blue cloak and cowl, and thigh high dark blue boots.


Lasutis Moon voiced by Natsumi Hioka


A character setting of Lasutis Moon from the upcoming Farming Life in Another World TV anime. Lasutis Moon is a petite dragon woman with long blonde hair, purple eyes, and large horns protruding from her head. She wears a simple red dress with a white lace frill at the hem, and he has a massive, scaly tail poking out of her skirts.


Sena voiced by Machiko


A character setting of Sena from the upcoming Farming Life in Another World TV anime. Sena is a slender fox woman with auburn hair and golden eyes. She wears an adventuring outfit that resembles a cross between leather armor and a bar maid's dress with open-toed, thigh high brown leather boots. She also has a large and fluffy fox tail.


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The original Farming Life in Another World light novels are published in Japan by Enterbrain, and a manga adaptation with artwork by Yasuyuki Tsurugi is also published in English by One Peace Books. The anime series is directed by Ryoichi Kuraya and features animation production by Zero-G.


The series will broadcast in Japan on TV TOKYO and AT-X beginning on January 06, 2023, with an additional broadcast to follow on BS TV TOKYO beginning on January 08, 2023. Farming Life in Another World will also stream in the United States via HIDIVE, who describes the story:


Life cut short by illness at just 39 years old, Machio Hiraku knows not to take simple blessings for granted. When a godlike figure gives him given a chance to live again, Hiraku has only the simplest of wishes for his new life: to be healthy, to live peacefully, to speak the local language, and to spend his days on an idyllic farm. Fresh air, sunshine, honest work, and good company combine to form the happy, peaceful existence Hiraku has always dreamed of.


Source: Comic Natalie


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