Check Out How Worldview and Characters are Recreated in Lycoris Recoil Stage Play Digest

Tickets for the final day performances have already been sold out



The highly-anticipated stage play adaptation of A-1 Pictures' original gun-action TV anime Lycoris Recoil finally kicked off at The Galaxy Theater in Tokyo on January 7, 2023. The digest video shows how the anime's worldview and characters are recreated on stage. You can see the beginning part of the TV anime's first episode is retold by the stage play cast.


The stage play directed by Akira Yamazaki (Ace of Diamong The Musical) is scheduled to be performed at the 746-capacity theater 14 times from January 7 to 15. Tickets for the two shows on its final day have already been sold out. 





Web CM introducing the main cast:


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Misato Kawauchi as Chisato Nishikigi:



Sakiho Motonishi as Takina Inoue:



Key visual:



Source: Aniplex official YouTube channel


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