Urusei Yatsura TV Anime Teases Episode Titles in Second Cour Trailer

The latest video hints at the return of familiar stories and characters


Lum and Ataru are back, and they're bringing some familiar faces with them!


The latest teaser for the second cour of Urusei Yatsura may just be episode titles, but it reveals a lot about what we can expect this season. Some titles name-drop familiar characters, while others are taken directly from—or inspired by—previous manga chapters and anime episodes.


Have a look:



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Titles of interest coming to the second cour include:


"That Mizunokoji Boy"—A reference to the four-part manga story That Mizunokoji Girl, which introduces Mendo's rival Tobimaro Mizunokoji and his affectionate sister Asuka.


"Family Feud!!"—The introduction of Ryunosuke Fujinami, a girl forced by her father to live as a boy so she can inherit the family business.


"Indelible Lipstick Magic"—A manga story adapted into episode 110 of the original anime. Lum creates a lipstick that forces its wearers to kiss. Hijinks ensue.


"Drunken Boogie"—A manga and anime story in which Lum and Ten cause havoc after getting drunk on pickled plums.


"Decisive Battle! Tomobiki Queen Contest"—Likely a reference to the Miss Tomobiki Contest, in which girls from across the series compete to see who is the most popular at their school.


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Urusei Yatsura is scheduled to run for four cours, with the second now underway. It is being simulcast on HIDIVE.


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