My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU Anime OVA Comes Packaged With Game on April 27

The OVA will come bundled with the limited edition of the game

My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU


After being revealed nearly a year ago, we’ve finally got a date for the next My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU OVA, continuing the story of the Service Club. The OVA comes bundled with the limited edition version of the third My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU game, which got a new trailer today for the game itself as well as the OVA.


Game trailer


OVA trailer


The OVA, titled “Dakara, shishunki wa owarazu ni, seishun wa tsuzuite iku. (Adolescence is neverending, so the youthful days go on.),” will be focused on Yui after the events of the third season causing tension between the members of the club. The limited bundle also comes with an illustration by Ponkan8. Both the regular and limited editions will be available on Nintendo Switch and PS4 with no English version announced as of yet.


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Based on the light novels written by Wataru Watari and illustrated by Ponkan8, you can watch all of the My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU anime on Crunchyroll, which describes the series like so: 


So exactly what’s going to happen when Hachiman Hikigaya, an isolated high school student with no friends, no interest in making any and a belief that everyone else’s supposedly great high school experiences are either delusions or outright lies, is coerced by a well meaning faculty member into joining the one member “Services Club” run by Yukino Yukinoshita, who’s smart, attractive and generally considers everyone in her school to be her complete inferior?


Source: MAGES. on Twitter


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