Pretty Cure 20th Anniversary Exhibition Offers Limited-Edition Tea and Cakes

Cake-in-a-can and 20th anniversary tea blend will be available starting next month


There ain't no party like a Pretty Cure party! The long-running magical girl franchise is celebrating its 20th anniversary in lots of ways this year—including an exhibition in Tokyo's Ikebukuro Sunshine City. Today, the upcoming event got even sweeter with the reveal of exclusive collab cakes and tea that wll be sold only at the venue.


First up, pâtisserie OKASHI GAKU will be weighing in with PreCure-inspired takes on their famous "cake cans." The sweet treats, which consist of layers of cake and toppings with a generous helping of whipped cream, went viral on social media last year and are now on sale in Singapore as well. There will be eight versions available, each with a different flavor of cream and decorated with heart-shaped jellies:



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And what's cake without tea? Lupicia, a tea shop with locations all around the world, has made their own PreCure 20th anniversary blend. The black tea has flavors of chocolate and vanilla, and is accented with dried flower petals and colorful konpeito candies:



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The cake cans and tea will only be available at next month's All Pretty Cure Exhibition ~20th Anniversary Memories~, kicking off February 1.


Source: Anime! Anime!


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