Don't Toy With Me, Miss Nagatoro 2nd Attack English Dub Reveals Release Date, Cast & Crew

The first episode goes live this Saturday on Crunchyroll!

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The English dub of Don't Toy With Me, Miss Nagatoro returns for another season to fulfill a one-two punch, with the first blow landing on Crunchyroll on Saturday, January 28!


Here are the cast and crew for the first episode, "It's You and Me, Senpai~":





  • ADR Production: Bang Zoom! Studios
  • Producer: Eric P. Sherman
  • Co-Producers: Mami Okada, Mio Moroe
  • English Voice Director: Dorah Fine
  • ADR Script Writer: Meli Grant
  • Casting Supervisor: Mami Okada
  • Casting Director: AJ Gam
  • Production Managers: Robert G. Mah, Jessica Peace
  • Production Coordinators: Jessica Gowler, Aki Kuribara, John Tan
  • Sound Supervisor: Patrick Rodman
  • Re-Recording Mixer: Michael Brooks
  • Recording Engineer: Jonathan Brannen
  • Audio Operations Manager: Ismael Yanez
  • Assistant Engineer: Samuel Carrillo
  • Video Technician: Kaylyn Saucedo
  • Spotting: Breaugh Olson


Key Visual

Don't Toy With Me, Miss Nagatoro 2nd Attack anime key visual


Official Trailer


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Based on the manga by Nanashi, Don't Toy With Me, Miss Nagatoro 2nd Attack is directed by Shinji Ushiro (YO-KAI WATCH) at studio OLM, with series composition by Taku Kishimoto (Fruits Basket), character designs by Misaki Suzuki (Tower of God animation director) and music by Gin (This Art Club Has a Problem!).


If you're a fan of romantic-comedy anime, don't miss the full first season of the English dub or the first episode of the second when it drops on January 28, right here on Crunchyroll!


"A girl in a lower grade just made me cry!"


One day, Senpai visits the library after school and becomes the target of a super sadistic junior!  The name of the girl who teases, torments, and tantalizes Senpai is "Nagatoro!"  She's annoying yet adorable. It's painful, but you still want to be by her side. This is a story about an extremely sadistic and temperamental girl and you'll feel something awaken inside of you.



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