Take a Look Inside the Pretty Cure 20th Anniversary Exhibition

The tribute to the long-running magical girl anime opens to the public tomorrow


Starting tomorrow, fans of all ages can tour All Pretty Cure Exhibition ~20th Anniversary Memories~: a collection of art, memorabilia and displays celebrating two decades of magical girl action. Today, though, you can take a little peek inside and see what awaits lucky visitors!


This exhibition includes displays featuring every series across the show's two-decade history. Refresh your memory of each season with a timeline display, then take a look at art of the Cures as drawn by character designers from the various series:



Life-sized mannequins of each season's lead Cure, as well as Cure Sky and Cure Prism from the upcoming Hirogaru Sky! Pretty Cure, will also be on display.



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The franchise's many evil organizations even get their due in a special display:



The centerpiece of the exhibition is a collection of "corners," one for each of the show's many teams. Each is decorated in the style of its respective season and will let you browse art, video clips, merchandise, costumes and more:



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You can also visit a theater corner where you can view the transformations of the show's many magical girls. Then make your way to the "Treasured Gallery," where you can view scripts, proposals, original art and more. (Photography is prohibited in this area.) A special display about the production of the original Pretty Cure series will also be featured.


Last but not least, the exhibition includes a shop with lots of adorable merchandise—including some that will not be available anywhere else:



The exhibition will run in Tokyo February 1-19, followed by touring dates in Aichi and Osaka.


Source: Comic Natalie


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