Watch Yuna's "The Sending" Performance Clip from Final Fantasy X Kabuki Adaptation

The highly-anticipated adaptation will open in Tokyo on March 4



The official website for the forthcoming kabuki adaptation of Square Enix's internationally popular game Final Fantasy X has posted a performance clip of "Ikai Okuri / The Sending," which is a ceremony that summoners perform to guide the spirits of the dead to the Farplane.


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In the clip, 29-year-old male kabuki actor Yonekichi Nakamura, who is cast as the female protagonist, Yuna, expresses the ceremony in traditional Japanese dance. The game's original music by Nobuo Uematsu are newly arranged in a Japanese style for the kabuki play by Tagatayuu Shinnai using Japanese instruments such as flute, kokyu (Japanese violin), koto (Japanese stringed instrument), and percussion.



"The Sending" perfromance clip 110-second version:



30-second version:



In commemoration of the 35th anniversary for the Final Fantasy franchise, "New Kabuki: Final Fantasy X" is scheduled to be performed at IHI Stage Around Tokyo in Toyosu, Tokyo, from March 4 to April 12, 2023. The IHI Stage Around Tokyo has a 360° stage with the audience seats in the center, and the the audience seats itself rotate on a huge tray.





  • Tidus: Kikunosuke Onoe
  • Auron: Shidou Nakamura
  • Seymour Guado: Matsuya Onoe
  • Lulu: Baishi Nakamura
  • Lutz: Mantaro Nakamura
  • Yuna: Yonekichi Nakamura
  • Wakka: Hashinosuke Nakamura
  • Rikku: Kichitaro Uemura
  • Yunalesca: Shinobu Nakamura
  • Kimari: Hikosaburo Bando
  • Braska: Kinnosuke Nakamura
  • Jecht: Yajuro Bando
  • Cid: Utaroku Nakamura





Source: "New Kabuki: Final Fantasy X" official website / Twitter


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