Kyu Sumiyoshi’s Hyperinflation Named No.1 Manga People Want to See Made Into an Anime in 2023

AnimeJapan’s 6th Manga We Want To See Animated Ranking was revealed ahead of this weekend’s event

Hyperinflation animated trailer

Image from the Hyperinflation animated trailer


A tried and true tradition of the biggest anime industry event is the Manga We Want To See Animated Ranking poll, which is celebrating its sixth iteration at AnimeJapan this year. The poll asks people to pick out of 92 titles which manga (which had a collected volume release in the past 12 months) they wanted to see animated and the top ten ended up being:


  1. 10. Ninja vs. Gokudo by Shinsuke Kondo (COMIC DAYS)
  2. 9. Falling high school girl and Irresponsible teacher by sora (HANA TO YUME)
  4. 7. Who Made Me a Princess written by Plutus and illustrations by Spoon (KADOKAWA)
  5. 6. Be my worst nightmare! by Michelle (MANGA Mee)
  7. 4. A Hidden Side to my Crush by shimamura (comico)
  8. 3. Nito to Tazuka no Nichijo by Satoutoshio (LINE Manga)
  9. 2. The ramparts of ice by Kocha Agasawa (MANGA Mee)
  10. 1. Hyperinflation by Kyu Sumiyoshi (JUMP+)




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Hyperinflation joins the Hall of Fame alongside other the other manga series that have reached the number one slot in previous Manga We Want To See Animated Rankings, including the now-animated Komi Can't Communicate, soon-to-be-animated The Apothecary Diaries and other series such as Im: Great Priest Imhotep and Senpai is an Otokonoko.


Illustrations drawn by the top-ranked manga will be displayed at AnimeJapan 2023 this weekend at Tokyo Big Sight on March 25 and March 26 alongside comments from the creators.


Source: AnimeJapan website


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