Code Geass Anime Gets New Musical Adaptation in September 2023

Kouji Kominami & Ryotaro Akazawa play the two leads



During the AnimeJapan 2023 panel for the PC Browser and smartphone game Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion Lost Stories on March 25, it was revealed that a new musical adaptation of the Code Geass anime franchise is set to be performed in September 2023.





The anime was previously adapted into a straight stage play and musicals three times. The first stage play adaptation, entitled Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion: Souran Eve (Riot's Eve), was performed in April 2012. And a musical adaptation with all-male cast members, Code Geass Lelouch of the Rebellion- Majin ni Sasageru Prelude (A Prelude Dedicated to the Sorcerror) was performed in June 2012, then its live show version Code Geass Lelouch of the Rebellion: A-LIVE FANTASTIC DREAM SHOW followed in September 2013. 



In the forthcoming new musical adaptation, 28-year-old Kouji Kominami (Jun Arashiyama in the World Trigger stage plays) is newly cast as the protagonist Lelouch Lamperouge, while 26-year-old Ryotaro Akazawa (Todomatsu in the Mr. Osomatsu stage plays) plays another protagonist, Suzaku Kururugi. More details including performance schedule will be announced in the future.



Kominami wrote on Twitter, "I am very happy to be involved in this historic and popular series. We will deliver a wonderful work." And Akazawa also said, "I have loved this series since I was a student, so I am very much looking forward to acting in it! I will do my best to make it a wonderful work!"



Kouji Kominami:




Ryotaro Akazawa:



Source: DMM GAMES official YouTube channel




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