Gundam Build Anime Plans 10th Anniversary Commemorative 3-Episode Series

"Gundam Build Metaverse" will be streamed on YouTube this October


Gundam Build Metaverse, a three-episode series to commemorate the 10th anniversary of the Gundam Build anime series, is now in the works. It will be part of Bandai Namco Group's "Gundam Metaverse Project," which will also include "Gunpla Colony" — a virtual space colony with sections themed on anime — Gunpla, e-sports, music, etc. The announcement was made at the "Gundam Conference SPRING 2023" held online on March 27.


"Gundam Build Metaverse" is set to stream on the Gundam franchise's official YouTube channel, GUNDAM.INFO., in October 2023.


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"Gundam Build Metaverse" teaser trailer:


"Gundam Metaverse Project" concept visuals:





Unlike the previous Gundam series, the Gundam Build series, which began in 2013, is based on "Gunpla Battles," a fictional simulation competition using real-life Gunpla models sold by Bandai.


"Gundam Build" series: (all series are available on Crunchyroll with exception of Gundam Build Real)

"Gundam Build Divers Re:RISE" trailer:


Source: Bandai Namco Entertainment press release





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