BlazBlue Joins Eighty Sixed Clothing

July 25, 2014 - Eighty Sixed Clothing proudly brings the style and energy of the fighting game community (FGC) to a line of officially-licensed apparel and accessories featuring fan-favorite fighting game characters, culture, and more!


The high-energy anime feel of BlazBlue is the latest to join Eighty Sixed’s repertoire, including Skullgirls, Aztez, Archeblade and much more! Eighty Sixed Clothing has an open submission process, so creators are welcome to share their ideas and designs! Not only will Eighty Sixed Clothing add more designs in the near future, but more favorite IPs are on the way!


All of Eighty Sixed Clothing’s merchandise is 100% officially licensed, so supporting Eighty Sixed Clothing means supporting your favorite fighting game franchises! Check out Eighty Sixed Clothing’s full line of shirts, phone cases, and other accessories at!




As the premier clothing brand for gamers, Eighty Sixed Clothing offers some of the highest quality products featuring the most innovative designs to our customers worldwide. We pride ourselves in our ability to capture a game’s vision and use it to set trends through fashion.





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