Hime's Recommendations For What to Watch After My Hero Academia

Now that season 4 of MHA is over, Crunchyroll-Hime recommended some new anime for me to watch!

Him's Recommendations for My Hero Academia Fans


Hi Everyone! After the fourth season of My Hero Academia closed out, and I was looking for some new anime to sink my teeth into. WELL LUCKY FOR our very own Crunchyroll-Hime (who has watched every anime) recommended 5 shows for me to watch while Class 1-A is away. And I watched all of them. And they were very good. If you're a fan of My Hero Academia and are looking for stuff to add to your queue, I'm here to share Hime's list with you!!


Blood Blockade Battlefront




In my opinion, the best superpowers match up with and empower a character's backstory and how they grow in a series. One For All's massive power but bone-breaking side effects match Deku's tendency to thoughtlessly throw himself in harm's way to protect others. Leonardo Watch, the protagonist of Blood Blockade Battlefront, has the ability to perceive things that other's can't (he can see minute detail, motion that would be too quick to see otherwise, etc.). And he can see into people's hearts. Leo's biggest character trait is his empathy, and watching him grow both into his power and into a person who can use his empathy to connect to others, is just as satisfying as Deku's arc. 


Check it out if: Deku's emotional arc hit you hard and you want another pure-hearted boy to watch grow and be proud of.





Start the show for the '90s anime aesthetic. Finish it for the FACT THAT IT'S REALLY GOOD!! In a world where boxing with robo-enhancements (called 'Gears' here) is the norm, our protagonist Junk Dog jumps in the ring with nothing but his muscles and fists. Watching him rise from the bottom ranks agains opponents who rely on mechanized strength is satisfying in the same way that watching Deku grow from a powerless little kid who jumps into danger to the protege of the world's most famous hero.

Check it out if: you love a good underdog story that goes hand-in-hand with a gritty futuristic setting.





I have to admit something dark. Personally, my favorite parts of MHA are when the heroes are getting absolutely owned by horrifying lizard chimera people and crusty ol' Shigaraki. I live for the chaos and suffering. Seeing the optimism and strength of our heroes being tested to the limit is gratifying in a way unique within the show. I get that similar sort of satisfaction from the kids in THE PROMISED NEVERLAND. I won't spoil the specifics of the first episode twist, but these kids find themselves in A LOT of danger. Sometimes it takes things getting for the hope to shine the brightest.

Check it out if: you enjoy child endangerment.


Gurren Lagann



Having reached now-legendary status, Gurren Lagann tells the story of a kid who drills through the ground and then drills through monsters and then drills through space and then pilots a mech that is larger than the Milky Way and throws entire galaxies as weapons. It is a pure shot of adrenaline and inspiration to your lizard brain and it is the perfect embodiment of what makes anime special. If your heart swells every time Deku made a major achievement in My Hero Academia, you'll love the story of Simon and his DRILL.

Check it out if: you believe in the power of anime.





As a millennial, I feel a very unwarranted sense of world-weariness and grit, but that all melted away when I entered the world of Magi for the first time. It's similar to the feeling I got when I first saw Deku take on the mantle from All Might. Both series take us into a world full of possibilities and horizons brighter than you could ever imagine and, for me at least, both series reminded me about how adventure is out there if you just reach out your hand and grab it.

Check it out if: you have a thirst for adventure and value imaginative worlds filled with magic and wonder.


My Hero Academia is a really special series, but there's tons of stuff out there to watch once you're caught up. Are there any new favorites you discovered after MHA? Let us know in the comments!




Cayla Coats is the Editor-in-Chief of Crunchyroll News. She tweets @ceicocat 

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