Pearl Pink 3DS Coming to the US

Two different pack-in titles means a total of four 3DS bundle options

Back during the Tokyo Game Show coverage, we showed you Nintendo's Misty Pink 3DS, and I got to talk about how Nintendo's marketing is incredibly subtle and modern.  (THEY WANTED MORE WOMEN TO BUY A 3DS.)


With the Zelda and Mario 3DS bundles helping drive 3DS sales in the US, Nintendo has announced that it will be bringing the officially-named Pearl Pink 3DS bundle stateside starting December 4, which will come bundled with Nintendogs+Cats.  You'll have two options: one will include the Toy Poodle version and the other will come with the French Bulldog version.


French bulldogs are equal parts adorable and hilarious for their giant bat ears.  Ladies, bronies, and non-brony dudes okay with pink: are you going to be picking up your Pearl Pink 3DS?



via NintendoLife

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