Anime Character Snow Sculptures on Display at Sapporo Snow Festival

See Hatsune Miku, Luffy and more made of snow

Today was the start of the annual Sapporo Snow Festival in Sapporo, Hokkaido, which features a variety of ice and snow sculptures in various part of the city as part of the festivities. Among the 222 sculptures featured this year are ones for Snow Miku, Luffy, Chopper, Doraemon, and many more.


Some of the ice and snow sculptures are created by the companies that own the associated characters, such as Crypton Future Media who has a head office is in Sapporo, while others are created by residents of Sapporo, school kids, the JSDF, and even the US Navy.


Here is a tour of some of the many works on display, both anime and not. More images can be found at many of the source links below.


One Piece and Toriko (created by regional broadcaster UHB)

(via Sapporo Snow Festival Official Site)


The Snow Aquarium

(Photo by 高橋茂夫, MSN Sankei Photos ©The Sankei Shimbun & Sankei Digital) 


All of Odori Park, one of the event locations

(Photo by 高橋茂夫, MSN Sankei Photos ©The Sankei Shimbun & Sankei Digital)


Yugioh's Enemy Controller Card (A meme on Niconico Douga: Reverse Card Open! Enemy Controller!)

(Above photo by @eunomia_tw)



(Photo by @soundscreen78)


Chuu Tottoro (Chuu toro meets Totoro?)

(Photo by Yuki Iino)


Lone Sailor by US Naval Forces Japan Misawa

(Photo via @CNFJ)


The Taj Mahal by the JSDF (Japan Self Defense Forces)


Hatsune Miku

(Above images via 2ch news flash vip blog)


Sonic the Hedgehog


And finally, in what's become an annual thing, Snow Miku (Created by Crypton Future Media):


And Snow Miku, Rin, Len in ice (Created by Crypton Future Media):

(Above photos from Piapro blog, ©Crypton Future Media, includes in-creation photos)


So, which are your favorites?


via Moe Ota News Sokuhou, 2ch news flash vip blog
Additional info via Japan Times. More photos also available at Daily Mail Online

Photos copyright original owners. Hatsune Miku ©Crypton Future Media, Toriko ©Mitsutoshi Shimabukuro/shueisha・Fuji Television ・Toei Animation, One Piece ©Eiichiro Oda/shueisha・Fuji Television・Toei Animation

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