Get a Peek at PLUM's Titania Asuna Prototype

Plus "Medaka Box" 1/4 scale Medaka and "Panty & Stocking's" Stocking

The Miyazawa Model Expo: Autumn is kicking off in Tokyo, which means a lot of lovely ladies are out on display right now. From Plum, Sword Art Online’s Fairy Dance Arc Titania Asuna is pretty enough to turn more than a few heads.


sword art online titania asuna


Orchid Seed has their prototype of Stocking from Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt on display.


panty and stokcing


panty and stocking


Meanwhile, FREEing’s gigantic 1/4 scale Medaka from Medaka Box is getting a fair amount of attention. Love that underboob support bar.


medaka box


What do you think? Anything you need for your collection?


Via Plastikitty


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