"Funassyi Fantasy World" at the Parco Museum in Shibuya

Eccentric pear fairy / unofficial Funabashi city mascot gets official installation at art gallery


Whether it's getting its own TV show or gracing the cover of a lady's fashion magazine, Funassyi certainly seems to be everywhere these days. Now a new installation at the Parco Museum in Shibuya promises to spread the gospel of Japan's number one unofficial mascot even further.



“Funassyi Fantasy World” features archival video and images of Funayssi's many manic rampages throughout the world of Japanese pop culture. It also features a full-scale reproduce of the “Pear Hut”, Funassyi's secret lair.



Of course, character goods such as plush toys and key chains will also be available for purchase, because merchandising is where the real money is made.



Admission to the “Funassyi Fantasy World” exhibit costs 500 yen ($4.19 US) for adults and 400 yen for students ($3.35 US), with elementary school children and younger admitted for free. The exhibit runs from April 24 to May 17, 2015. For more information, please check out the official home page here.



Japan Trends

Official “Funassyi Fantasy World” web site


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