Voice Actress Vocal Unit Kleissis Releases Their 1st Music Video "Into the Abyss"

Their first album is set to be released on September 25



Seven-member voice actress vocal unit Kleissis' official YouTube channel has started streaming a full-length music video for their seventh digital single song "Into The Abyss." This is their first music video, and the song is based on a soundtrack tune for Fuji Games' new smartphone RPG Arca Last: The world that ends and the fruit of the diva, in which the members also join as its voice cast.  


The unit is co-produced by Shufunotomo Infos' anime voice actor magazine Seiyu Grand Prix, anime planning company Genco (Sword Art Online, Magical Girl Ore), and Japanese pop culture content producing company Xarts Japan. The seven members were chosen in the audition with 400 participants, and made their debut with their first single "Kleissis Chaos" in August  2018. 


Along with the previous six songs, "Into The Abyss" is now avaiable on the major Japanese and international digital platforms, including iTune Store and Apple Music. And their first album "eschatology/a grand conception “ARCALAST" including nine songs inspired by the game is scheduled to be released on September 25, 2019.



Kleissis members:

  • Kasumi Akane: Yuki Tanaka (Kaede Tatsunokuchi in Your Voice -KIMIKOE-)
  • Akira Rindou: Miyu Tomita (Yume Nijino in Aikatsu Stars!
  • Sayuki Rurikawa: Marina Yamada (ex-HKT48 member) 
  • Yun Asaki: Mari Takahashi (Homura Aso in Onsen Musume
  • Hirona Shimuzu: Aya Yamane (Karen Mikasa in Onsen Musume
  • Mio Tachibana: Yukiko Motoyoshi (Yamato in Monster Strike
  • Miu Midori: Yuuki Kaneko (Aiko Takamori in The [email protected] Cinderella Girls)



"Into The Abyss" MV: 


Digital single jacket:


Artist photo:





"Arca Last: The world that ends and the fruit of the diva" PV:



Their debut single "Kleissis Chaos" preview:


Digital single jacket:



Source: Fuji Games press release


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©Fuji Games, Inc. ©PawPadProductions


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