Hideki Kamiya and Ikumi Nakamura Tease Okami Sequel

The sun god Amaterasu may return to brighten our days

Okami sequel?


It’s been a couple (read: 9 years!) since the release of the second game in the Okami series, the side-story Okamiden, was released on the Nintendo DS. While ports of the original game – which was released on the PlayStation 2 in 2006 – have brought Okami to modern systems, no news on a possible Okami sequel has left fans wanting.


Hideki Kamiya being boss


In a tweet on October 18, the spoooky Ikumi Nakamura (ex-game director on GhostWire: Tokyo, backgrounds on Okami) tweeted out a video with PlatinumGames founder Hideki Kamiya (director of Okami at Clover Studios, Bayonetta director) teasing another game in the series.



Kamiya quote tweeted the video and wrote “Let's do it, Capcom ;)”. He then followed up the tweet by tweeting himself Okami will be back. Someday… I Believe…”



Nakamura explained that she “want(s) to see simply great games and games that gamers want to play be developed” while not understanding the “budgets and politics” of how games are made. She only wants to be “a creator that can say that great things are great.” In a tweet on October 19, she followed up by saying “Let's join together to call upon the great god. Let's show Ammy that we truly believe!”



While this doesn’t confirm that a new Okami game is in the works, having two high profile staff members who worked on the original game showing support for a new entry into the series – and true sequel on modern systems at that – should get fans hyped up.


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Source: Ikumi Nakamura on Twitter, Hideki Kamiya on Twitter


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