Discotek Announces Original Shaman King, Lupin the 3rd Part V Releases and More

Original 64 episode English dub release of Shaman King announced with uncut Japanese version to follow

Lupin the 3rd Part V


Discotek Media announced during their stand-alone industry panel today more upcoming releases including Super Dimension Century Orguss, the 2001 anime adaptation of Shaman King and more. 


Announcements made during the panel are in alphabetical order.


Case Closed: The Darkest Nightmare: Blu-Ray release of the 20th Detective Conan movie in the franchise, both in Japanese with subtitles and an English dub. Other extras and details to be announced.  



Detective Conan


Fatal Fury: The OVA Collection: Two feature-length OVA Blu-Ray disc release for the first time in 1080p. Includes the original Japanese credit sequences, vintage US credit sequences, available both in sub and dub formats, as well as a special commentary by Matt McMuscles and Brady Hartel.  



Fatal Fury


Galaxy Cyclone Braiger: 39 episode standard Blu-Ray release in Japanese with subtitles. Other features and exact release date TBD.  



Galaxy Cyclone Braiger


Lupin the 3rd Part V: Blu-Ray release of the complete series in two parts with Part 1 releasing this Fall, including both dubbed and subtitled versions. Extras will include the creditless OP/ED and an art gallery.  



Lupin the 3rd Part V


Shaman King: 64 episode standard-definition Blu-Ray English dubbed release (version that was originally edited for TV). A separate uncut Japanese version release to follow in the future. 



Super Dimension Century Orguss: 35 episode Blu-Ray 1080p release, also including 17 English-language dubbed episodes. Release date and other details to be announced.  



The panel also showcased the upcoming cover of the Project A-ko Blu-Ray with art by Mariel Kinuko Cartwright, as well as emphasized the continued search for additional English language dubbed episodes of Ninja Senshi Tobikage (also known as Ninja Robots).







Kyle Cardine is a Managing Editor for Crunchyroll. You can find his Twitter here.

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