BanG Dream! Mashiro Kurata VA Amane Shindo Gets Her First Photo Book in February 2023

The book will be released just before her high school graduation



Japanese publisher Shufunotomo Infos has announced that the first photo book of voice actress Amane Shindo, best known as Mashiro Kurata in BanG Dream! and Haruna Kasuga in D4DJ, is set to be released on February 20, 2023. She is also an 18-year-old current high school student, born April 20, 2004, and the book will be released just before her high school graduation.


The location for the photo book is Okinawa, where she had visited for the first time. It is filled with the faces that can be seen precisely because she is in between the ages of a girl and an adult woman, in a variety of open situations and outfits that only a tropical country can offer.



Message from Amane Shindo:


The release of my photo book has been decided! And we filmed in Okinawa this time! We had a lot of fun..., it was my first visit to Okinawa, but I enjoyed the food, the ocean, the pool, feeling the nature of Okinawa so much, so I can't wait to get the photo book to you all! Everyone, look forward to the photo book~!





Sample photos:





Source: Shufunotomo Infos press release


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