Rose Guns Days Sorrowful Cross Knife Manga, You Can Have My Back Novel Acquired By Yen Press

Yen Press acquires prequel to Rykishi07's Rose Gun Days manga


Yen Press has announced its latest acquisition of Tsuyoshi Takaki's Rose Guns Days Sorrowful Cross Knife manga, the prequel to Ryukishi07's Rose Guns Days series. The series will be released digitally later this month.


Rose Guns Days Sorrowful Cross Knife

by Ryukishi07


In addition to the above, Yen Press also previously announced the acquisition of the You Can Have My Back BL light novel series by Minami Kotsuna and illustrated by Hitomi Hitoyo, which will release on July 18.


You Can Have My Back

by Minami Kotsuna


Yen Press describes the novel:


Leorino, fourth son of a margrave and blessed with the face of an angel, is the reincarnation of Ionia, a knight of the kingdom who died in the line of duty. At night, he dreams of his past life—his ill-fated love for Prince Gravis, and his death at the hands of an enemy agent. When he confronts the traitor as Leorino, he ends up arrested instead! His life in danger, he shouts the name of an old friend and his only hope...


Source: Yen Press on Twitter


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