Big O
دولة الأصل: Japan
سنة الانتاج: 1999
يوم العرض: أكتوبر 13، 1999 to مارس 23، 2003
Episodes: 26
النوع: مسلسل
مشاهدات الصفحة: 46286
معجبين: 102
مشاركات المنتدى: 3
تعليقات الحائط: 95
الصور المرفوعة: 2

Big O

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الشكل الكامل
The story of Big O takes place 40 years after an incident called "The Event" occured which destroyed the city of Paradign and erased the memories of the citizens. Even though the lives of the citizens eventually return back to normal and the citizens remember the use of technology like electricity and automobiles, they are still plagued with the problem of not knowing what had exactly happened to them over 40 years.

The main character's name is Roger Smith who is known as the Negotiator. It is his job to protect the people while he deals his own mysterious past. His allies are Dorothy an andriod, his butler Norman, and a giant Robot called the Big O.
[تعديل]The Big O (Japanese: THE ビッグオー Hepburn: Za Biggu Ō?) is a Japanese anime television series created by designer Keiichi Sato and director Kazuyoshi Katayama for Sunrise. The writing staff was assembled by the series' head writer, Chiaki J. Konaka, who is known for his work on Serial Experiments Lain and Hellsing.

The story takes place forty years after a mysterious occurrence causes the residents of Paradigm City to lose their memories. The series follows Roger Smith, Paradigm City's top Negotiator. He provides this "much needed service" with the help of a robot named R. Dorothy Wayneright and his butler Norman Burg. When the need arises, Roger calls upon Big O, a giant relic from the city's past.

The television series is designed as a tribute to Japanese and Western shows from the 1960s and 1970s. The series is done in the style of film noir and combines the feel of a detective show with the mecha genre of anime. The setpieces are reminiscent of tokusatsu productions of the 1950s and 1960s, particularly Toho's kaiju movies, and the score is an eclectic mix of styles and musical homages.

The Big O premiered October 13, 1999 on WOWOW satellite television. It finished its run on January 19, 2000. The English-language version premiered on Cartoon Network on April 2, 2001 and ended on April 18 2001. Originally planned as a 26 episode series, low viewership in Japan reduced production to the first 13. Positive international reception resulted in a second season consisting of the remaining 13 episodes; co-produced by Cartoon Network, Sunrise, and Bandai Visual. Season two premiered on Japan's SUN-TV on January 2, 2003, and the American premiere took place seven months later. Following the closure of Bandai Entertainment by parent company Bandai (Itself owned by Bandai Namco Holdings) in 2012, Sunrise announced at Otakon 2013, that Sentai Filmworks rescued both seasons of The Big O.[1]
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طاقم تمثيل
Alex Rosewater (قيادة)Unshou Ishizuka
Dan Dastun (قيادة)Tesshou Genda
Norman Burg (قيادة)Motomu Kiyokawa
R Dorothy Wayneright (قيادة)Akiko Yajima
Roger Smith (قيادة)Mitsuru Miyamoto
Alan GabrielIssei Futamata
AngelEmi Shinohara
Big EarShinpachi Tsuji
Jason BeckHouchu Ohtsuka
Michael SeebachKatsunosuke Hori
Vera RonstadtSayuri Yamauchi