Jet (character)
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Jet (character)

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Like JD, he is also an artifact made by the Foundation in a desperate attempt to make another Artifact like JD after they "lost" him during the mysterious fire. The fact that Jet and JD are both artifacts make them "brothers". In season 2, he takes order from Mathias. however, Mathias abandoned him as he failed to complete his mission to capture Angelique, the Queen's Egg. He was lost and attempting to carry out the last orders he had been given when he came upon Angelique and her friends. He and JD began to fight, but he left after he saw that it was upsetting Angelique. He then showed up where they were repairing the Ship of the stars and Erenfried to deactivate because he was beginning to have some feelings (primarily around Angelique) and he considered himself "defective". Erenfried refused because he said it meant that Jet was developing a heart and told him to act according to his own will from now on. Therefore he helps out in the repairs of the "Ship Of Stars" but on the morning of the departure, he sacrificed his life to remove the bomb that Erebos planted in the ship. However he is saved by Erenfried at the last episode of season 2, seen at the very end in a capsule.

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