Nyx (character)
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Nyx (character)

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Nyx .Age:26

A character from Neo Angelique Abyss, Nyx is very mysterious and is an ultra gentleman. Rather than calling Angelique by her name, he often call her mademoiselle, which is a very polite French term for "lady". He likes to play piano and drink tea. In season 2 he is possessed by something (foreshadowed in season 1) and seems to want to help Angelique and others, but cannot always control what he calls "his condition". He has two sides, one is his normal side while another side is Erebos. He has lived for 200 years due to Erebos. When he was younger, the ship he and his family were in got caught in a fierce storm. As Nyx was drowning, he wished to live and that he would do anything. Erebos heard him and saved him, possessing him but Nyx's mother and father drowned. This is why Nyx fears and hates the sound of the sea as it was when Erebos first possessed him. He is the core that Erebos uses to help send Thanatos into the world. The only hope he had to get rid of Erebos was the Queen's Egg so he set out all over the world and found Angelique. When she becomes the Queen, Nyx wishes for her to give him a peaceful death. Nyx blames himself for making Angelique suffer, taking away her home and parents but Angelique says it was Erebos who did that and that Nyx was the one who gave her many precious things including a place to belong. Nyx perhaps has the strongest feelings for Angelique for while he wishes her to give him a peaceful death, he also states that knowing her has given him a reason to live.He fights Thanathos with a whip.

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