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    السبت مارس 30, 2019
  • The Eternal Knight: Celebrating 80 Years of Batman

    From comics to animation, video games, movies, and more, Batman has always been there for us

    His name is whispered in hushed tones, feared by villains and innocents alike. The Batman has been fighting his one-man war on crime for EIGHTY YEARS now across all media, from his original comics to film, animation, video games and more--hit the jump and let's take a look back on his adventures!

  • الأربعاء مارس 27, 2019
  • Suda51 on DLC, Devilman, Violence in Video Games, and More!

    More on Travis Touchdown, Go Nagai, and all the things Suda loves the most

    Suda51 is a master of video game madness--his characters are always just a little (or a lot) weirder than what you'd expect, and that all comes from the stuff he loves. Hit the jump to check out our latest interview with the No More Heroes director!

  • الأربعاء مارس 13, 2019
  • Attack on Titan Game Producer Hideo Suzuki on Stacking the Odds Against Players

    We got a chance to ask Attack on Titan 2: Final Battle Producer Hideo Suzuki about his process and the upcoming game!

    Earlier today, we announced the upcoming release of Attack on Titan 2: Final Battle, and we were also fortunate enough to have a few words with Final Battle producer Hideo Suzuki. Read on for more!

  • ATTACK ON TITAN 2: FINAL BATTLE Game Adapts New Characters and Battles on PS4, XBOX, Switch, and Steam

    World-exclusive announcement of the latest chapter in Omega Force's ATTACK ON TITAN game series

    The battle for the walls is more desperate than ever in Attack on Titan 2: Final Battle, now featuring season 3 characters and content! Hit the jump to learn more about this upcoming update!

  • الجمعة مارس 1, 2019
  • THE GREAT CRUNCHYROLL NARUTO REWATCH Opens the Gates in Episodes 43-49!

    Knuckle up--some of the Chunin Exam's best fights are in this installment!

    IT'S HEEEEERE! The Great Crunchyroll Naruto rewatch reaches one of the most celebrated moments of the series, but Rock Lee vs. Gaara isn't the only cool thing to happen in this batch of episodes! Hit the jump to join us for the rewatch!

  • Dead or Alive 6 Delivers on All Fronts... Except One

    New characters, new mechanics, but the same heart

    Can you believe it's been seven years since the last main-series Dead or Alive game? DoA's grown up a little since then, with new characters and fresh new combat mechanics to spice things up--hit the jump to read our full review of Dead or Alive 6!

  • الخميس مارس 21, 2019
  • ALITA Creator Yukito Kishiro on Adaptation and Living in the Future

    Kishiro-sensei is also a very big Robert Rodriguez fan, so you know where this is headed

    From its original run in Business Jump to the 1993 OVA to this year's live-action Alita: Battle Angel, Yukito Kishiro has seen his creation come a very long way! Hit the jump to read a special interview with him!

  • الأحد مارس 10, 2019
  • UFC Fighter Compares Latest Fight to "Rock Lee vs Gaara"

    Legendary Naruto showdown referenced in the pre-fight hype for UFC 234's main event

    It's not common for anime and sports to cross over, but when they do, the results are awesome. UFC 234 got a very anime showdown when middleweight contender Israel Adesanya compared his upcoming match with MMA legend Anderson Silva to one of Naruto's most famous duels--hit the jump for more!

  • الثلاثاء يناير 22, 2019
  • We Asked Mob Psycho Fans to Draw Dimple For Us. Unfortunately, They Did.

    Close your eyes, imagine a little green punk, and let the pen move on its own

    Earlier today, we asked Mob Psycho 100 fans to close their eyes, put pen to paper (or tablet) and draw Dimple blind. While some of us aren't the amazing artists we profess to be, fans did a great job! Hit the jump to see their work!

  • الجمعة يناير 18, 2019

    A world of ninja, a whole bunch of character introductions, and the series' first real battle are here!

    Every Friday, we check in for our progress in THE GREAT CRUNCHYROLL NARUTO REWATCH! For our first real episode, we're covering episodes 1-7, covering the beginning of the story, a bunch of character introductions, and our heroes starting their first real mission! Hit the jump to join the rewatch!

  • الأربعاء يناير 16, 2019
  • Like its Hero, "Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes" Has Unrealized Potential

    Some high highs and infuriating lows make Travis Touchdown's return pleasant, but lukewarm

    Top-ranked assassin Travis Touchdown is back, only this time he's trapped in the lethal and mysterious video game console, the Death Drive Mk.II! How does Travis Strikes Again hold up against previous No More Heroes adventures? Hit the jump to check out our full review!

  • BEST FIGHT SCENE has Only One True Winner: HINA VS ANZU

    CR's resident action expert breaks down the greatest rock-paper-scissors showdown ever

    Epic ninja showdowns! The power of a master wizard! Pure instinct given form! The greatest good versus the worst evil! And among all that, the Best Fight Scene of 2018 is... a game of rock-paper-scissors? Read on to find out WHY!

  • الثلاثاء يناير 15, 2019
  • The 19 Most Hype Moments from EVERY Dragon Ball Movie

    From Curse of the Blood Rubies to Resurrection F, here's the single most awesome moment in each DB movie

    As one of the longest-running and most-popular shonen anime of all time, Dragon Ball has no shortage of theatrical releases. To prepare for Dragon Ball Super: Broly, Nate decided to watch ALL NINETEEN Dragon Ball movies so far and pick the coolest moment from each one! Hit the jump to get started!

  • الجمعة يناير 11, 2019

    Starting on the 18th, join us each week as we rewatch the original NARUTO from beginning to end!

    When's the last time you watched Naruto? Better yet, what if you haven't ever watched Naruto? Come join us for THE GREAT CRUNCHYROLL NARUTO REWATCH! Hit the jump to find out where to start, and how you can join us as we revisit Naruto's legend from the very beginning!

  • الأربعاء يناير 9, 2019
  • Crunchyroll Favorites 2018 Part Three: EVERYTHING ELSE!

    CR staff, editors, and writers look back at their favorite movies, books, music, and more from 2018!

    Our three-part look back at 2018 concludes with CR staff, editors', and writers' favorite movies, books, music, food, uh... apps... life experiences... the list goes on! Hit the jump to see our favorite "Everything Else" of 2018!