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  • Good Story, Bad Film
    This could have been so good, but there's too much stylized camerawork instead of letting the action play out. The director must be a fan of comics/manga because a lot of the framing seems straight out of one, and there's too many cuts that it feels like you're moving from panel to panel. I liked the ending though.
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  • Surprisingly Good Ghost Story
    I found this confusing at first, but that is probably because I have poor facial recognition. Once I had a grip on who was who, I started over from the beginning and was very pleased. The story is well-paced, with good characters and a satisfactory plot. I found its take on the supernatural to be novel and interesting, and I found myself caring about the lead characters.
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    Interesting Premise, poor execution
    I really like some of the concepts behind this series but found execution poor. Mainly I found the transitions jarring and confusing in my opinion. Still enjoyable enough for a Sunday afternoon. I really like the idea of the Supernatural division withing the police force.
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